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Two New Braids

Two new braids this week. Actually, four, but one of them has to remain a secret as it's to be a present, and one of them was just me trying something out.

Peas and Carrots

Blue and Green Chevrons

These were both made using the "Falt Braid" pattern from Jacqui Carey's "Beginner's Guide to Braiding", but expanded to 12 and 16 strands respetively. This pattern should work with any multiple of 4, but 16 was starting to overwhelm my marudai. Each braid only used one skein of each color, so the 12-thread braid is about 3 feet long, and the 16-thread braid is only 2'3".

The "trying out" braid was an experiment to see if I could braid on my marudai using thick knitting yarn. I have volunteered to teach a class in kumihimo at a Japanese-themed SCA event at the end of next month. I'm hoping that if I use thick yarn that the students in the back will still be able to see what I'm doing. It's a bit of a challenge to deal with, but kinda fun. It works pretty well, though the braid is very loose.

2009.01.29 at 12:30pm EST

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