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Pathetic and Sad, But Social

I have two woodworking projects I want to blog about, but can't. One has to be kept secret to prevent another argument about it, and the other isn't finished yet and also has no official existence. In lieu of that, here are two ridiculous experiemtns in braiding.

Shiny Square Braid

Wooly Hira Kara Gumi

The first is a Kusari Kaku Yatsu "square braid" that uses ridiculously expensive polyester "Rat Tail" cord of the type I used to use for stuff before I started braiding. This is the only braiding pattern that seemed to work well with this cord.

The second is a Hira Kara Gumi "rounded flat braid" that uses ridiculously thick yarn. I wanted to see how well this stuff braids, because I'm thinking of using it to make the braiding more visible in a teaching situation. This braid is about three quarters of an inch across!

Of course, if you take another look at the colors in those two braids, you'll realize this is just my little way of saying, "Go Steelers!"

2009.02.01 at 12:00am EST

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