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Now It Can Be Told

I actually finished this a couple of weeks ago, but for complex interpersonal reasons wasn't able to talk about it. You see, I knew that the probability was high that a person was going to ask me to make this object, but just had not done so, and I didn't want the request to come at an inconvenient time, so I just decided to make it first and then it would be done already.

Anyway, it's just another suzuribako. This one is a little closer to some historical examples. It's a little smaller than my second suzuribako, and a little more square. Instead of a commercial stain, I used a home made ebonizing agent which gave it this lovely charcoal gray color. It's still finished with a water-based acrylic finish, but that's for the best, I think.

Open and filled with stuff.


It's made entirely of poplar wood, with peg fasteners. The "organizer" grid is removable.

2009.02.06 at 10:00am EST

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