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Desktop "Fuzukue"

I'm not really much for desktop images. My computer screens are normally cluttered with several large windows, and the desktop itself cluttered with icons. Usually, I stick with a simple repeating pattern. Other people, however, seem to really like using images on their desktops, so I thought I might start providing some of my more abstract photographs here, in sizes larger than I normally provide, for that purpose.

This is a photo of the wood grain of the fuzukue writing desk that I posted about the other day. You can see the join between the two poplar boards about half way down the screen. The poplar has been stained with iron acetate made by soaking steel wool in vinegar. When this soaks into the wood, the iron acetate reacts with the tannins in the wood and turns black. This darkens the wood and accentuates the grain. Some of the greens and yellows in the poplar show through the darkening in a way that they usually don't with pigment stains. It gives this piece an unusual look I really like, so here's a closer look. Click the thumbnail above for a 1600x1200 pixel version that you can use as a desktop.

2009.02.13 at 12:00am EST

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