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Pittsburgh is Like This

When I made my pilgrimage out to Rolliers for yesterday's post, I had intended to stop on the way back at a hobby shop in Dormont that is to hobby shops what Rolliers is to hardware stores. To my dismay, it was gone. Of course, I don't even know what the store was called, I just knew where it was.

After making yesterday's post, I decided to do some more research on Rolliers, and I found out that after the hobby shop closed dues to a nearby car dealership buying their building, the A. B. Charles Hobby Shop has moved to a barn-shaped location that was... of course... the original location of Rolliers.

It's like when you have a party and you try to invite friends from several different circles to try to mix things up in your social life, and you find out that most of them know each other anyway. Pittsburgh is like this.

2009.02.17 at 12:00am EST

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