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Blog Laziness to Which I Hope I Never Succumb

Here are three things some other blogs do that I hope I never do on this blog, because the exemplify laziness to me.

"Best Of" Posts

Some blogs only do this once a year, which is OK, I guess, but some blogs do it every week. I guess those posts are for people who only read blogs on the weekend, but all they do is sum up a week's worth of posting to that very same blog with links back to the original posts. It's like, "I can't think of anything to post today, so I'll just post a list of things I posted earlier this week." If people want to know what you posted this week, they can go back and look.

"Cross Blogging"

Sometimes, in order to refocus a blog, the blog author or authors will start up an additional blog into which they shunt posts that don't match the focus into the other blog. This is good. Bad is linking from the original blog over to the new blog every single day to keep people from forgetting its over there. Worse is making daily "best of" posts about the new blog and posting them to the original blog. What is the additional blog for again, exactly? Yes, to de-clutter the original blog. So why are you re-cluttering the original blog?

"Guest Blogging"

"We don't feel like updating our own blog as much any more, so one by one we're going to ask our friends to take over for us for short stretches of time." Hey, if your friends wanted to blog, they'd have their own blog, and when you didn't feel like posting, you could just post links to their blog with a short quote and a "yeah!" or "me, too!". That is valid (if boring) blogging, as far as I am concerned. If you want to offer up your blog as a guest pulpit to your friends, that does not absolve you from posting yourself.

2009.02.18 at 12:00am EST

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