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Filled Pink Pyramids

Looney Labs recently released a new color of Treehouse/Icehouse pyramids, Pink. I have filled stashes of every other color, so it was time to break out the hot glue gun and fill some pieces.

Filled Pink Pyramids

It's been a while since I filled pyramids, and I'm shocked to discover that I've kind of lost my touch. I had big problems with getting a smooth fill, and with those strings of hot glue that get everywhere. Being off my stride certainly didn't help that I was using a mixture of fluorescent pink an fluorescent orange hot glue with a little white kicked in when thpse ran out, and a bit of green that was still in the gun when I started.

I keep most of my pyramids in one of those sets of little plastic utility drawers. I'm down to just three empty drawers in a set of 60. That's somewhat scary.

2009.02.19 at 9:30am EST

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