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Biggest News First

At this weekend's Mi-no-Hi festival event for the local SCA kingdom, both Sharon and I were called before the King and Queen of Aethelmearc to receive praise. Both she and I received our "Award of Arms", and I was made a companion of the Order of the Sycamore.

The Award of Arms (AoA) is a recognition, essentially, that you have been around a while, and seem to be taking this whole SCA thing seriously. It allows us to use the titles "Lord" and "Lady" before our names, and to refer to our heraldic devices (when and if approved by the College of Heralds) as "arms" (as in "coat of arms").

The Sycamore is the first level recognition of work in the Arts and Sciences (A&S). It signifies that a person has been working hard at things and promoting that ideal by teaching others. Most people translate it to words as, "You're doing good work; keep it up!" This encouragement comes from the King and Queen, however, so it's really ultra super cool. It comes with a medallion bearing the device of the order, and beautiful scroll which was worded by Sir Ogami Akira (The Daimyo of Clan Yama Kaminari) and penned by his squire (and our friend) Lady Minamoto no Taikawa Saiaiko.

We're totally psyched. Sharon and I have been referring to each other as Lady Wonderful and Lord Honey Bunny ever since.

2009.03.02 at 7:00am EST

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