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Three "Class"y Braids

I taught a class in kumihimo over the weekend, and I used the big puffy wool/acrylic yarn to aid visibility during the class. I began these three braids in class to give the students a healthy introduction to kumihimo, but didn't finish them until a few days later at home.

Braid 35, 4 strand maru yotsu

Braid 36, 8 strand edo yatsu

Braid 37, 8 straid yatsu rai

I like to start with the simple 4 strand braid, just to show students the basic set up and moves. The 8 strand edo yatsu is a good introduction to 8 strand braiding after that. The 8 strand yatsu rai demonstrates the difference in shape that occurs just by changing movements. I also started an 16 strand kongou gumi in class, but Sharon finished that one up, so it's hers.

2009.03.05 at 11:00am EST

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