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Braid #38

Tried out a new kind of 16 strand braid. This one uses a braiding pattern similar to the 8 strand Edo Yatsu, but with twice as many strands.

16 Strands in Red & White

I started out with a nice houndstooth check pattern, but somewhere in the middle it devolved into a weird hybrid of the interlocking E pattern and the houndstooth. Apparently with the 16 strands you can acheive some interesting effects, but on my first full braid in this style it was flying blind.

I've grown inured to the truth that the first time you try a new plaiting pattern, you probably won't have the hang of it, and will probably mess it up. I used cheap acrylic yarn for this braid on purpose so I wouldn't be wasting good silk on my experimentation.

2009.03.11 at 12:00am EDT

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