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Bead Braid

Somebody I know asked me recently about braiding with strands of beads. I had never tried it, and other people have mentioned it to me in the past, and I was walking past a bead store yesterday, and...

Braid 39, a braid of beaded strands

This braid has eight strands of tiny seed beads, strong on "Fireline" beading cord. It's kind of a pain stringing the beads onto the line, and a constant pain keeping the line tension good while you're braiding, but it makes a very shiny and sinuous pieces of bling. The tension is off in a few places, but I'm very happy with the braid over all, especially for a first try.

This braid is about 14" long and about 3/8" in diameter, and uses most of two vials of beads. I'd recommend two more vials of beads if you want to make a necklace that doesn't need extra bits of cord at the ends. You could braid a shorter length like this around some cord for an interesting effect.

2009.03.13 at 11:45am EDT

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