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More Example Beginner Braids

I really need to catch up on documenting stuff. I've been posting braids to the blog here, but I haven't updated the Marudai page in months. I'm going to hold off making new braids for a bit while I get caught up, but I still even have a backlog of braids to post here. Today's braid is actually a st of braids.

Six 8-strand braids

These are six 8-tama braids, each about three feet long. They use the six braiding patterns from Jacqui Carey's "Beginner's Guide to Braiding". They all use the "WW RR WW RR" color pattern, which makes some of the braids more interesting, and some of them not as interesting. All of them are braided using needlepoint silk, with two threads on each tama. These will probably, some day, be donated to the Kingdom for use as award cords, but for now they are going to be examples, and possible part of a kumihimo A&S display.

There's also the possibility that I might be teaching a class or two in kumihimo in the near future, if I can work out some technical issues. Stay tuned.

2009.04.07 at 11:00am EDT

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