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Project Marudai Page Updated

I went to show somebody pictures of my braiding online, and I realized that I hadn't updated my marudai page for months. Asking people to sift through months of blog posts looking for braiding pictures is ridiculous, so I'm working on getting that up to date.

The Marudai project page has now been updated to the end of January, showing all of the marudai and kumihimo braids I made in that time. Soon I'll have it updated to the end of March at least, and that takes me into more impressive stuff.

This page is getting a little long now. It started with a single marudai and a few example braids, but now it's four marudai and 30 braids. I imagine it's quite a pain waiting for all the images to download. Soon it will show all the extra marudai, and 16 newer braids from February, March, and April. I haven't even started in on learning the patterns in the books Sharon got me for my birthday!

I have also updated the main project index to at least show a list of all the projects I've completed so far this year. I still need to document some projects from July of last year, so it will be a while before that is complete.

2009.04.10 at 12:00am EDT

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