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Silk Braid with Heavy Tama

Speaking of those heavy 3-ounce tama, here's a braid I made with those on one of the best of the second batch of marudai.

Blue and Gold Silk Yatsu Rai

This braid uses eight strands of combed silk yarn, 4 blue and four gold. As a little stylistic flourish, I braided the cords together in a 4-strand maru yotsu braid before doubling them over, so the rbaid has a braided loop at the starting end. The bulk of the braid uses the yatsu rai pattern, which I think is just a special name you use for yatsu sen when it makes this "S" pattern.

It's a pity we usually associate these colors so strongly with the Cub Scouts, since they go very well together.

2009.04.22 at 12:45am EDT

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