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Blue and Green Bead Braid

So OK, I decided to make another one of these bead braids. They make great presents, OK?

Blue and Green Bead Braid

This one is braided using a "Houndstooth Check" color pattern on the edo yatsu. See what I'm saying about the great patches of color this produces? You can also really see the colors travelling back and forth through the braid.

I also figured out why the tension is a little uneven on these bead braids. The start of the braid is always very tight, but it loosens up over the course of the braid. The reason is that the beaded strands have significant weight, which shifts from the outside to the inside while the strands get shorter and the braid gets longer. I need to start changing the weights as I braid, maybe startig with 3/4 ounce weights on the strands and switching to 1 ounce weights later on.

2009.04.23 at 3:45am EDT

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