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Workbench Re-Org

I've been spending quite a bit of time in front of the workbench lately, and my frustration with it has been growing. Tools have been mounted on it haphazardly on an ad-hoc basis, so almost nothing was placed logically. All that came to an end today, as I re-organized nearly the whole pegboard.


I even got rid of some stuff that had been hanging, so there is significantly more room for expansion. I wish the Dremel accessory rack could be a bit closer to the Dremel holder, but moving either would be way too disruptive.

I pretty much expect to spend the next six months looking for tools in the places they've been for the past six years instead of their new locations, so if you never hear from me again you know I've driven myself insane.

2009.04.29 at 7:30pm EDT

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