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More Tama

Eight is not enough!

I decided that eight hand made wooden tama were not enough, so to round out my collection I made 16 more. Actually, I made 18 more and declared two of them to be substandard, but anyway...

16 Kumihimo Bobbins

These are made from 1.5" poplar dowel just like the others, but I shaped them using a 3/4" sanding drum in my drill press instead of using somebody else's router table. This method was a little slower, but it used tools I have at home.

Another difference is that instead of using iron rod to add weight to the tama, I used old copper pennies. Copper pennies (pre-1982) are cheaper per ounce, and fit well in a 3/4" diameter cavity. This also meant I could use dowel to plug the hole instead of bright orange wood filler.

2009.05.04 at 12:00am EDT

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