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Star Trek

Sharon and I saw the new "Star Trek" movie over the weekend, and we really liked it. I thought it managed to hit all the notes just right to convey to viewers that it is Star Trek, just not the Star Trek you're used to. It has the same great balance between action, adventure, humor, and drama that some of the best TV and cinematic trek adventures had. It has new actors, and their new interpretations of what their characters should be like are pretty different, but I liked them. If there are more movies with this team I think they will settle into their characters very well and gvie us some great performances. As usual, a lot of the responsibility will rest on the writers to give us a script that is worth watching.

Now, it definitey had some problems, but nothing so major that we won't mostly forget about if there are several better films afterwards. Most of the criticisms I've seen have more to do with not understanding Star Trek than than anything actually specifically about this film. Yes, its flavor is much like a Western. So was the original series! Yes, it shares similarity with Star Wars. They both share heroic tropes from the same classic sources! Yes, the characters themselves are more like caricatures. So is every character in every Star Trek ever!

Do you remember how awful the first few episodes of every new Star Trek show has been? This movie is not awful in any of those ways. I dont' think it's awful at all.
…except for the lens flares. Ugh.

2009.05.19 at 7:00am EDT

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