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Google Still Rules

There's been a lot of news lately about new web search technologies to rival Google. Two sites in particular, Wolfram Alpha and Microsoft Bing seem to be trying to place themselves not as mere web search sites, but as knowledge aggregators. When you want to know about something, these tools will supposedly give you answers, not just point you to pages that might have the information.

I see the appeal from an a searcher's point of view, but as a content provider why would I want to participate in such a service? Why would I want Wolfram or Microsoft to present my information as its knowledge?

As a content creator and provider, I want other sites to point to mine. That's what Google does, and what it's done well for over ten years. It doesn't represent itself as the site that keeps you from having to visit my page; it's the site that makes it possible for you to visit my page. I want people to visit my pages and see my information the way I want to present it. That's why I have a web site in the first place.

Yay web searching. Boo knowledge engines.

2009.06.16 at 12:00am EDT

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