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Loose Threads

Found myself browsing through the archives of this blog the other day, and I found a few loose threads I'd like to tie off.

Brett Easton Ellis

Since posting about Ellis in January, I've read his most recent novel, Lunar Park. WTF? I think I got a lot of what he was trying to do here, but just didn't enjoy the book as much as I did Glamorama. I guess I most enjoyed the parts of this book where he was talking about his other books, but considering the fictional nature of this book, it's hard to decide whether any of those parts actually describe the way Ellis really thinks. The overlap between delusion and reality I so enjoyed in Glamorama is mostly aggravating here.

I didn't see the movie they made of The Informers.

Kevin Smith

Since posting about Smith in April of 2008, we watched his most recent film, Zack and Miri Make a Porno. We enjoyed this movie immensely. This movie is not itself pornographic, though like most of Smith's work it is largely profane. It's also hilarious and romantic, and was shot in and around Pittsburgh. It is only the second movie to ever be shot inside the Monroeville Mall. It was only in theatres for a week or two, but it's been out on DVD since January.

Chuck Palahniuk

Since posting about Palahniuk last July, I read his most recent book, Snuff. This book is a little disappointing compared to his earlier works. It's fun and packed with bizarre information, but there's just not that much book there. It's too short, and too lightweight to stand up against some of his stronger and longer novels. I can only guess his publisher was in a hurry to release another novel. I also watched the movie they made of Choke which I also found to be sub-par. I don't think Choke is one of his best, so this is unsurprising.

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