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Experimental Ornamental Braid

Braided Polyester Yarn

I started this braid with the intention of letting other people try out braiding, but then kind of got embroiled in it and wound up powering through to the finish. It's a flat "yatsu sen" braid made with red and white polyester yarn. I started with a pattern that should have made diagonal stripes, but at some point I let my running commentary to "students" distract me from where I was in the braiding. The strip pattern somehow got reversed! I was so intrigued by that that I decided to try and do it on purpose. I succeeded! So, I then spent the rest of the braid switching the stripes back and forth every six inches or so. This braid wound up holding one of the hanging lanterns that adorned the clan gate.

2009.08.20 at 12:00am EDT

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