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Kumihimo Page Updated

I've been keeping the blog here updated on new braids as I've been completing them, but this information hasn't been making it over to the marudai page where all the braid descriptions is supposed to be collected. The last braids displayed were completed back in March. I've now corrected that problem.

If you've been reading the braid posts here on the blog, there's not really anything new over there. I mostly cut and pasted the descriptions from here into the page over there. If you're a kumihimo enthusiast and refer to the descriptions of my braids, though, it'll be more convenient to browse that list than to comb through the blog archive.

This page is also available at for easy reference. At some point I'd like to create a better interface to this information at that URL, but for now it's just a symbolic link to the marudai page.

2009.09.01 at 12:00am EDT

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