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Another New Braid

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Yatsu Nishiki in Red and White

Since I had such good luck with that Shige Uchi braid I found in Jacqui Carey's book, Creative Kumihimo, I decided to go digging through it for a new braid to try with no ulterior motive. This braid is 8N, and the best name I can find for it is Yatsu Nishiki.

The drawings in the book make this braid look more like a chain of interlocking links, but really its'not very chain like. I used a "WW RR WW RR" color pattern hoping to get a red and white chain out of it. I got a nice looking braid, but it doesn't look like a chain to me.

This braid is one of the most labor intensive I've ever done. It's an eight strand braid, but it has eight moves in the pattern, instead of the more common four moves. Nevertheless, it's a fast braid to make. I made this whole braid in the down time of a single day-long SCA event.

2009.09.25 at 12:00am EDT

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