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Baronial Color Braid

A braid I started at the 2009 "Agincourt" SCA event, this was just a method to keep me busy for an afternoon. I started with only about six feet of yarn on each bobbin, hoping to get a braid about three feet long so I could donate it as an award cord while I was standing in the house of the Baron and Baroness. I probably could have finished it before the end of the day, but we were told that court was starting any minute, so I packed things away. Of course, court wasn't starting for an hour.

A silk braid in black and gold

Anyway, this is more of the shige uchi braid, made with one strand of thick gold yarn per gold bobbin, and two strands of thin black yarn per black bobbin. I tried out a new color pattern to try to get something pretty out of this braid, but given the woven nature of this braid it's really difficult. It should make a nice cord anyway, given the soft materials.

2009.11.05 at 12:00am EST

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