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Skipped a Couple

I skipped a couple of regular braids so that I could talk about beading. Here they are!

Square braid in red, gold, blue, and white silk thread

Here's a tight square (Carey Creative Kumihimo 8H) braid made using some silk thread I bought at Pennsic. Each strand is 24 threads, meaning there is a heck of a lot of thread in this braid. The tightness of this braid makes it only about a quarter inch across, though. In the picture, I've tied the braid into a decorative Chinese luck knot.

Shige Uchi in red and white silk/bamboo yarn

More exercise with the shige uchi (CK8G) braid. I was wondering how this braid would actually look with two strands white and six red. The book has nice diagrams to help you plan, but as with most things, the plan and the reality often come out very different. This one's nice, and as far as I know there are no errors or tension problems anywhere in this braid.

2009.11.25 at 12:00am EST

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