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I finally came up with an idea of a thing to do with the beam I bought a few weeks ago, but unfortunately the idea requires more lumber. I went back to the Construction Junction, and bought roughly 12 feet of pine 2x12 for just five dollars! Unfortunately those twelve feet were more like a six foot piece and a two foot piece joined into an eight foot piece using a four foot piece and fifteen big nails. The above photo shows the three pieces drying in the sun after I finally got all the nails pried out. I suspect the joined board was used in some (hopefully very low to the ground) scaffolding. It's dirty, half rotten, and cracked, but that doesn't matter for the use I'm going to put it. Five dollars is an incredible deal on this much wood, but it remains to be seen if it was actually worth it.

2009.12.18 at 12:00am EST

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