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Last Few Braids of the Year

I'm probably not going to get much braiding done the rest of this year, so I figure I should at least post about braids I've done recently. Today, the last non-bead braid.

Green and Aqua Braid

This braid is made from two skeins of cotton embroidery floss. I doubled the floss to make the braid a little thicker and shorter. If you compare it to the beaded braid 74, you can see I was trying to compare the two materials. I used the same edo yatsu braiding pattern and the same color pattern. The two braids even came out almost the same length!

I think that doubling two skeins like this makes a nice thick braid that would be good for turning a large bead into a neckalce. You could pick two colors that match the bead and have a nice piece without much fuss. If I teach classes at a bead store, I think I'll focus on making braids that are about like this one.

2009.12.23 at 12:00am EST

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