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Bead Braid Bingo

Closing out 2009, here are a few more bead braids. The first is a special request.

Bright Blue and Green

The request was for "brigh blues and greens" and real silver findings due to metal sensitivity. I think I came through on those, though the braid is another edo yatsu.

Amethyst Kongou Gumi

Getting a little tired of the edo yatsu, I decided to experiment with braiding beaded strands using the kongou gumi braid. I like the way it came out, the way the strands all spiral in the same direction. Kongou gumi uses up a lot of material, so this braid is a little shorter than normal, though.

Orange and Green Hira Kara Gumi

Moving slightly flatter, I went for the hira kara gumi braid which Jacqui Carey describes as "rounded flat". This was a little weird, but it came out nicer than I feared it might. I love this orange color with the silver-lined beads, and pairing them with the green transparent beads makes a nice contrast.

2009.12.24 at 12:00am EST

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