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Vacation Recap

So, the wife and I took a little vacation to finish out 2009, and this year's destination was the great state of Arizona. We have some family there outside of Tuscon, so we spent the winter holiday with them and bummed around there for a few days. Then, since a vacation is not a vacation for Sharon unless it contains copious amounts of driving, we drove up to the Grand Canyon. This is basically the entire North-South length of the state, but luckily most of Arizona is what I would call "countryside", so it was actually kind of nice. (For those of you from Arizona who have never driven in California, imagine driving the same distances, but having more than 60% of it look like Phoenix.) The Grand Canyon at this time of year is just as beautiful, but much less crowded and much less hot. We stayed pretty much right at the rim for reasonable rates and were able to get an early start walking and stay late into the evening. We also went up to Lake Powell for a couple of days, which didn't involve as much walking becasue we saw most of it from a boat. Then, we drove back down to Tuscon and spent a night downtown (at the Historic and Hip Hotel Congress) before flying back out to spend our actual anniversary at home with a quiet bottle of bubbly and four loud cats. Great times. I'll probably spread out the detail into some more posts later, but that's the quick recap.

2010.01.04 at 11:30am EST

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