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What did I read in 2009?

So, retrospective time, what did I read in 2009. The answer is simple, "Terry Pratchett."

"What," you say, "all of him?" Well no, not quite, but most of his book-length work. Back at winter holiday 2008, I gave Sharon the last few books she needed to complete her Discworld collection, so it was time for me to catch up. I read the first couple of Discworld books back in the eighties when they were reasonably new, but I haven't kept up. There are actually several sub-series (wizards, witches, DEATH, watch, wiscellaneous) in Discworld, which I read one at a time instead of in the order the books were published. (I'm not actually sure that's the best way.) There's a nice guide to the series you can look at if you don't know how big it is now. I got all the way through Rincewind, Witches, Young Adult, DEATH, Ancient Civilizations, and I'm on the last Industrial Revolution novel in paperback. Of course, a new book is out in hardcover.

I feel like I've accomplished quite a bit, but the other books have been piling up. The "to read" drawer of my nightstand is full enough to tip the whole thing over if I pull it all the way out. I hope to catch up on that in 2010.

2010.01.06 at 12:00am EST

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