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Friday Catblogging

A textual cat blogging!

Sharon's cat Mischa is 14 years old, and the oldest of the current batch. He's a siamese, so he's naturally skinny, but he's been getting skinnier and skinnier the past year or two. We've started to give him wet food a couple times a day to supplement the dry food that sits out all day. Trouble is, now we don't see him at the dry food bowls at all any more. We know he's hungry, because he wolfs down the wet food when we put it out, and yells at us if we walk past the wet food bowls without filling them.

The other day, he yelled at me for wet food, so I grabbed some dry food from the dry food bowl and put it in the wet food bowl. He ate it! He just doesn't want to eat like a normal cat any more, and wants to be treated as special. Now, every time he yells for food, we give him a dozen or so pieces of dry food. A couple times a day we give him wet food. He could eat as much dry food as he wants if he'd just go to the main food bowls. Silly Mischa.

2010.01.08 at 12:00am EST

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