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Back in High School, I was in the Boy Scouts, and we did a lot of hiking and backpacking. We even did a couple of 50 mile backpacking treks. When the weather's nice, I like to walk in the park. If I'm in good shape, and walking without a pack, I can basically walk all day.

A couple of times, this has been handy. If your car breaks, it's good to know you can just walk to your destination. It's great when on vacation, since I think you experience much more on foot than you can from a vehicle. Personally though, when I'm out "for a good walk", I stride pretty quickly and don't stop. This can exhaust companions if I'm not careful.

Also, sometimes it gets you into trouble. When we were in Tuscon, I picked out a restaurant for dinner, and on the map it looked close enough to walk to. We somehow beglected to ask at the front desk if this was a good idea. Forunately, Tuscon is a nice place so it's not that the route was dodgy. Unfortunately, Tuscon is a big place so it's not as if the route was short. The map we were looking at only showed major streets, so the complete distance was probably about four miles. Sharon was pretty upset after we'd been walking 45 minutes and seemed likely to be late for our reservation. We wound up calling a cab, being late, but having a wonderful dinner anyway. The cab ride there turned out to only be about another mile. We probably could have walked it in the time we spent waiting for the cab, but those are the breaks.

2010.01.12 at 12:00am EST

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