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Black Hippari Project

A week or so ago, some friends and I had a sewing project day, and I was able to complete this garb project I'd done the cutting for previously.

Black Hippari

It uses some interesting textured black linen that I bought at Pennsic last year. I originally thought I might use it for a pair of monpe, but I eventually decided I don't really need another pair of monpe. On the down side I didn't quite have enough fabric for the hippari. The neckband is a little short. I could have used another fabric to extend the neckband, but I didn't bother. I'm also using the fabric sideways because I don't tend to wear fabric with horizontal stripes. Anyway, it came out OK, and will be good loungewear for Pennsic, so perfection doesn't matter too much here.

2010.03.01 at 12:00am EST

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