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Video Table with Summaries 2010

Here's a post of videos I've wached so far in 2010, with short summaries for each. Of course these are completely subjective, and you'll only agree with these if you have the same taste as I do. The list is arranged by release year and IMDb index number within year. The table is also sortable if you have JavaScript turned on, just click on a column heading to sort.

Snake in Monkey's Shadow 1979 Standard Wuxia fare
Shaolin Temple, The 1982 Somewhat incoherent in the English dub
Nineteen Eighty-Four 1984 Dead-on presentation of this important work
The Razor's Edge 1984 Bill Murray adds divine comedy to human tragedy
Europa, Europa 1991 A drama about the value of lying
Supercop 1992 Solid action work from Jackie Chan
The Ice Storm 1997 Seventies suburbanites get their own awful movie about a kid who learns something
Songs from the Second Floor 2000 What "Children of Men" would be without a hero in it
Zero Effect 1998 Best modern Holmes homage before 2009
Intolerable Cruelty 2003 Divorce lawyers get their own screwball comedy
Wonder Boys 2000 Academics get their own awful movie about a kid who learns something
Shadow of the Vampire 2000 Great fairy tale about achieving your awful ambitions at any cost
Children of Men 2006 Wonderous and highly auditory SF tragedy. Must see!
Gangs of New York 2002 Great fairy tale about burying the past, even when it's still alive
Finding Nemo 2003 Ichtyologists get their own father and son relationship movie
Cooler, The 2003 Good Vegas drama about believing in luck
Lost in Translation 2003 Even one friend can be enough, when you feel you don't have any
Aviator, The 2004 A sympathetic portrayal of a genius who falls apart
Alexander 2004 Historians get their own awful movie about a boy who never grows up
Synechdoche, New York 2008 If you're lucky, somebody tells you what your art is
Green Street Hooligans 2005 Hooligans get their own awful movie about a kid who learns something
Brick 2005 Brilliant noir set among teen angst
Perfume: The Story of a Murderer 2006 Great fairy tale about achieving your awful ambitions at any cost
District 13 2004 Parkour enthusiasts get their own awful movie about rogue cops who fight drugs
The Fall 2006 Great bi-level fairy tale about failing at your high ambitions
Juno 2007 Somehow, this movie makes me care about these people
There Will Be Blood 2007 Great example of how the story of your life isn't always what you think it is
9 2009 Ragdolls fight robot animals for the future of the Earh
Burn After Reading 2008 Good movie about the dangers of trying to be something you aren't
Invention of Lying, The 2009 A comedy about the value of truth
Taking Woodstock 2009 Demetri martin nails the lead role in this little movie about a big party
Extract 2009 Decent movie about realizing you're not the only person in your life
Men Who stare at Goats, The 2009 I didn't expect it to be this good
District 13: Ultimatum 2009 Not enough Parkour in this one,

Please keep in mind that these are just some movies I've watched in the past few months If it seems like my reactions to most of these are somewhat tepid, remember that these are mostly movies I didn't bother to see in theaters when they came out, and have borrowed from a friend rather than even renting them.

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