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Heavy Silk Braid

I wanted to try the keiruko no himo braid from the end of braid number 82 again, plus I got this new silk yarn.

Red and white silk rings

First of all, this yarn isn't anything like the silk yarn I used way back when. The fibers are much shorter, so when the tama cause it to un-twist the yarn just frays apart. I used two pieces of yarn in each strand so that it wouldn't un-twist. Combined with the 16 strands of the braiding pattern this is one heavy braid. I managed to find this braid in Jacqui Carey's Creative Kumihimo as 16T. She points out that although the movements are a lot like the edo yatsu braid (CK8F), it has a twill pattern more like the square braid (CK8H).

2010.03.22 at 12:00am EDT

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