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Saw Stuff Box Project

I was down in the basement working on something else, and using the table saw for that. The table saw usually has a lot of stuff sitting on it. This isn't just general clutter, but stuff specific to the table saw that freqently has to travel with the saw if I wheel the saw outside. Nevertheless, this stuff has to be moved off of the saw even if the saw isn't going outside, before I can use the saw. I've been telling myself for about two years to make some kind of tote for this stuff, so I finally got around to it.

Saw Stuff Box

It's made entirely of 1/2" plywood left over from the Toy Chest Project, which made it a very low cost project. The box is mostly held together with glue and wire brads, but I added some wood screws for re-inforcement. It's about 18" long, about 8" wide, and about 9" deep. I drilled out the handle slots with big Forstner bit, which makes cutting overlapping holes a little easier. I might wrap the top part of the handle with twine to make grips.

I've mentioned before that I love doing these little mini-projects that solve some problem and use up some scrap materials. I have 99 problems, and a huge pile of scrap is one.

2010.03.29 at 6:30pm EDT

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