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Japanese Take Out

Plenty of places serve sushi for take out. Heck, most supermarkets do, these days. But in my mind, the measure of a good place is if they have Chicken Katsu, Mmm, chicken katsu. The place I got lunch today had in its bento list Chicken Katsu, so I got it. It came with the breaded and fried chicken patty, served on a bed of shredded cabbage, with a lemon wedge, and a separate container of katsu sauce; a scoop of rice; a California roll; wasabe and ginger; a separate container of soy sauce; a small pile of edamame (blanched soy beans); and a side salad with soy-ginger dressing. Mmm.

Those of you out on the West coast probably can pick this kind of thing up at the supermarket, but it's still kind of special here in Pittsburgh.I got this at a place up in Cranberry near where I'm working right now. The place is called "Yama Sushi", which means "Mountain Sushi", which is a little confusing. I'm looking forward to trying some of the other less common things on their lunch menu, like their Udon and Donburi. Just don't get those "Yama Oysters"; they're not what you think.

2010.04.21 at 4:30am EDT

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