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Rodrick Owen's Diamond Braid

Here's the braid I did on Saturday in the workshop led by Rodrick Owen. It's a 16-tama braid, with each tama holding a doubled-strand of cotton embroidery floss.

Workshop Braid 1

The braid starts off with a true blunt end, and progresses with a square braid. Mr. Owen taught me this braid off the cuff, but it s a 16-tama variation on CK8D. Then, it switches to a 16-tama chevron braid that he is thinking of putting in his next book. After that, it switches back and forth between the chevron braid and a reverse-chevron braid to create the diamond pattern. This braid took me all day, and it is full of awful errors. The last two iterations even get some of the thread order wrong so that the braid inverts front and back for the last few inches. Yuck. That's why it's called a workshop, though, I guess. If everything went well it would be a funshop.

2010.05.03 at 12:00am EDT

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