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Blue Doubled Diamond Braid

So, I really liked the braiding pattern for braid 87, but I didn't feel that I'd gotten enough experience with it in the workshop, or that I'd used materials that really did it justice.

Blue Doubled Diamond Braid

In addition, I doubled the steps of the pattern, creating this 'doubled diamond' braid. The thread is silk thread I bought at the Lacemaker, bundled to 20 threads per strand. There are 16 strands in the braid, though it's very thick so it's only about a half inch wide. I started with 12 feet of thread on each tama, so the braid is 7 feet 8 inches long. I think I have have plenty of experience with this braiding pattern now. It's a bit difficult getting the tension right, but it's just beautiful.

2010.05.12 at 12:00am EDT

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