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5 Second Films

Widespread use of video on the web is only about five years old, but already we're starting to see people take it in unexpectedly wonderful directions. 5 Second Films uses video to create a comic strip experience. Not all of the strips are hilariously funny, but there's a new one every weekday. Given the enormous time constraints, they often have to go straight to the punch with unsafe for work dialog or themese, so view these from home and keep them away from children. Sometimes they'll post a few videos on a single theme, like with this series about a guy who steals jokes, but most days it's just a quick bite of sketch comedy, like this one about letting fresh air into a stuffy room. In any case, even if you don't like today's video, you haven't wasted very much time, unless one strikes your fancy, in which case you might watch the video several times, like I did with this one about a guy who's late for work.

2010.05.13 at 12:00am EDT

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