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Yesterday, I walked out of a Staples office supply store without the product I had selected and was waiting to pay for, because the so-called "retail establishment" could not take my money efficiently.

First, the cashier at line 2 was serving a customer, but didn't have his light on, so I got in line 1. Then, the cash register at line 1 wasn't able to accept the check of the person in front of me, so this cashier moved to register 3, walking away from a person with cash. Meanwhile, a person had gotten into line 2, but I wasn't going to waste another second on that line 1/3 cashier, so I got into line 2. Then, after the cashier at line 2 asks the person in front of me (who got in line at a register with no light on) if she has a discount card. She doesn't have the card, but after trying two separate phone numbers he hands her a form to fill out while I wait. Forget it. I walked out.

Staples, you and Best Buy are now in the same club, the club of retail stores that just don't sell things very well.

2010.06.02 at 12:00am EDT

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