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I dropped off my car today to have the scrape damage fixed from my minor accident two weeks ago. My insurance company (Progressive) helped me arrange for a rental car to use while my car is in the shop, which is covered by my insurance. All that went very smoothly, until it came time for the rental.

The rental company is Enterprise, and they have a nice feature where they will meet you at the body shop with your rental car. The problem with this feature is that they assume that even when you have an appointment, you will miss it, so they don't even leave their office until you call to ask where they are. If you are polite, you'll wait until ten or fifteen minutes after the appointed time to call them, which means they will arrive 25 or 30 minutes late.

Now I (obviously) understand how annoying it is to sit around waiting for somebody who can't make an appointment, and I understand that they typically have many more appointments in a day than I do and stand to waste more time waiting, but how is it "good customer service" to assume your customers won't make their appointments?

2010.07.01 at 10:30am EDT

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