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The Drama

One of the reasons I didn't post a lot last week is that I am trying to not get involved in a huge drama unfolding around a new policy at Pennsic. The nature of the policy is totally unimportant compared to the amount of drama that has been generated in the various discussions of the policy. Huge flame war style arguments have broken out, followed by snarky comments amd calls for sanity, calls for action, calls for information, etcetera. My favorite was somebody who said something like, "Even if I could come to Pennsic this year, I'm not sure I'd want to attend because if this policy." Good gravy, you need to lighten up dude.

Now I understand that some people really do take the SCA very seriously, and I really do respect the amount of time and effort they put into taking it seriously and making it a more serious organization, but this right here is the down side. If you are so entirely emotionally wrapped up in this organization, maybe it's time for a step back and a deep breath.

It's a darn good thing Sharon would hurt me if I got involved in the discussion in any way, or I totally would have lost it on some of these people. Also, this right here is one reason I haven't even tried to add commenting to my blog.

2010.07.12 at 11:00am EDT

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