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Toolsday: Rubber Mallet

From something sharp to something blunt, this week I want to talk about my rubber mallet.

Rubber Mallet

Ever want to hit something as hard as you can, but don't want to damage it when you do? Then you need a rubber mallet.

This one is entirely black rubber. I bought it to bend sheet metal for the Cascade fountain (Hoo boy, do I need better pictures of that project.), but I've used it for all kinds of things since. It's great for pounding lumber into alignment when faming things out. It's terrific for freeing up stuck tools or parts. Sometimes I've used to to keep noise down when working with chisels, but I've been discouraged from doing so.

You can get mallets made of white rubber, or half-and-half mallets, or mallets that have interchangeable tips. The black rubber can leave marks on certain surfaces. That's why one face of this mallet is covered with masking tape. It would be smarter to have a non-marring option that didn't involve masking tape, but then I'd have to figure out how to fit another tool onto the pegboard of my workbench.

It's been so long since I bought this that I can't even tell you how much you would expect to pay for this useful tool. Probably less than ten bucks.

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2010.07.13 at 12:00pm EDT

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