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Bill Collector

Today I got a phone call for "Joseph Finch". It's the first one in a while; I used to get them all the time. These calls are always from debt collectors.

My home phone number has been mine since 1996, and it was in Sharon's name for four years before that. That means it hasn't been Joseph Finch's number for at least 18 years, if it was ever his number in the first place. When I told the person on the phone this, she asked if I knew where he could be reached. I've never met the man. His dad used to be in the phone book, but a collector once told me that number is now unlisted.

Now, either Joseph Finch keeps giving out my phone number, and creditors never sheck it until it's far too late, or those collections agencies never give up trying to collect on a debt, and will go to great lengths to contact you if you owe them money, including calling every phone number that has ever been associated with your name.

Eeyore's tips for happy living: pay your debts.

2010.07.14 at 1:00pm EDT

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