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Software Updates

Lots of software these days can be configured to check for updates automatically. Every once in some while, the software checks a web site and downloads any updates. Usually it will save the update and install it the next time you restart the program.

Here's the problem: I hate rebooting. I tend to leave my computer running for weeks or months at a time. Applications I use frequently, like my web browser and mail reader only get closed when I'm shutting down the machine completely. These updates now occur so often that sometimes they stack up.

Today I had to restart my browser to install a Java update, and when I restarted the browser it installed an update from I-don't-know-how-long ago. Once that was finished, the browser said, "We recommend you install the most recent version." Yes, the 3.6.7 version I just finished installing is outdated now. So, I can expect to re-live this experience in a few weeks when 3.6.8 installs and 3.6.9 is ready for download.

2010.07.29 at 9:30am EDT

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