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I'll do my best not to spoil this movie for anybody who has not yet seen it, because this movie is all about its reveals. I say "reveals" and not "surprises", because most of them are built up to very well. This movie has a finely crafted story. It doesn't spring the unexpected on you. It builds a conclusion supported by facts you know, even if you didn't put them together until that moment. Some people have found it confusing, but just sit tight, listen to what they tell you, and incorporate it one piece at a time. These pieces click into place.

This film is wonderfully composed and shot. The scenes are large and dynamic, full of interesting and constantly varying light levels. The sound and music are as layered and complex as the plot, build tension where needed, and release when necessary. The costumes are awesome and build on character traits in interesting ways. Top to bottom, it's beautiful. You want to see this on a big screen with big speakers. I'm not sure an Imax screen is necessary, but don't wait to see this on video.

If you haven't seen it, what you think you know about this movie (from trailers, commercials, and Internet banter) is not everything you will know coming out. It's just too complex to totally spoil. It draws on themes with which you may be familiar, but it uses those themes in service to an original story.

Finally, this movie passes two of the main tests I use to determine if a movie is a quality product:

  1. Are Sharon and I still discussing it the next day?
  2. Do I have to look things up to fully appreciate it?

I greatly enjoyed this film. We took some time out of a very busy week to go see it, because I wanted to make sure to catch it while it was still in a good theater. I recommend it.

2010.08.05 at 12:00am EDT

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