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Cloudy Sky Braid Necklace

I did this braid back in June or something, but I can't find any record that I ever posted about it.

Cloudy Sky Braid Necklace

This bead braid is meant to replace the Amethyst Kongou Gumi bead braid in my "stock" pile, which I gave as a birthday present to a good friend. It uses an 8-strand kongou gumi spiralling pattern, which works very well for bead braiding, and is a nice fast and tight braid in general. In the photo, you can't really see the irridescence on both the white and blue beads. Plus the ble beads are really much brighter with some light behind them.

It's not that I haven't been braiding lately, but that I haven't been posting about it as much. Well OK, I haven't been braiding quite as much, but I have been braiding. I finished a couple of braids at Pennsic, and I'm in the middle of another really long braid that cuts into my completeion rate.

2010.09.08 at 9:00am EDT

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