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Square Demo Braid

I started this braid so that I could show people at a demo what a braid in progress looks like, and let them try out braiding on the marudai.

Square Demo Braid

As a result, there's an error in there that changes the pattern about halfway through. I can't honestly say if they made the error or if I did, but I'll take responsibility because I didn't unbraid it to remove the error.

The braid istself is the Creative Kumihimo 8H braid I like so much, done up in bamboo/silk yarn, It's only a couple of feet long.

I chose this braid because the movements are identical to a longer braid I'm (still) working on. The braid in progress has 17 strands instead of just 8, though. The 17th strand causes the braid to be a wide, flat braid, though it mintains the twill structure.

2010.09.15 at 12:00am EDT

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