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Barber's Poles

You can learn the darnedest things on Wikipedia, often when you're looking up something else. From the article on "Barber's Poles":

In South Korea, barber's poles are used both for actual barbershops and for brothels. Brothels disguised as barbershops, referred to as ilbalso or iyongsil, are more likely to use two poles next to each other, often spinning in opposite directions, though the use of a single pole for the same reason is also quite common. Actual barbershops, or miyongsil, are more likely to be "hair salons". To avoid confusion, they will usually use a pole that shows a picture of a woman with flowing hair on it with the words hair salon written on the pole.

I don't have any plans to be in South Korea, but I imagine this knowledge is very important in general. I mean, you want to know what you're getting into. So, for sex, head towards the place that looks like a barber shop. For a hair cut, head for the place that has a sign with a woman on it.

2010.10.13 at 11:30am EDT

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